Your Ultimate Guide to T.J. Maxx Credit Card

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

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If you are shopping from one particular store, then you should get T.J. Maxx credit card (if applicable) to avail of additional discounts and exclusive deals. T.J. Maxx offers credit cards to its frequent shoppers, in order to make them loyal to the brand and provide them a better experience. While all this sounds great, you should know a few things before getting the T.J. Maxx credit card. Keep reading as we explain it all.

TJX Credit Cards – A Rundown

It is vital to understand what is being offered by the brand to identify, which plan will suit you the most. There are two categories of TJX credit cards:

TJX Rewards Credit Card

You can use this card not only at T.J. Maxx but its associate brands too. It is for the brand’s frequent shoppers and affiliated brands like HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post. The cardholders get significant points for every dollar they spend at these stores. Moreover, it carries a considerable APR but no annual charges.

Platinum MasterCard

After the TJX Rewards comes the Platinum MasterCard, which you can use wherever MasterCard is accepted. Hence, you can use your card globally, unlike the regular Rewards credit card. This card’s general terms are similar to the Rewards card and are also known as the store card.

Applying for the Card

For those wanting to apply for the card, you can do so via the T.J. Maxx store, as their representative will guide you with the application process. The best part? They process it quickly. Of course, an online option is also available. Either way, you will need to give your name, phone number, email, social security, and mention your income.

How the Credit Card Works

Once you receive the card’s acceptance, you can manage your account online and get monthly paper or digital statements. You can also pay the bill via the online account or email, as there is no payment option in the store.

You get five dollars for every purchase on the store or other affiliates’ ones. Every time you meet certain thresholds, you can redeem your rewards. Cardholders also get certain discounts. Although it has a limited scope and rather high APR, many still enjoy the benefits.

Rewards and Benefits

Let’s talk about the rewards in detail. The TJX credit card can give you great incentives. They kick off by giving the users a welcome treat. The new cardholders get 10% off after the first transaction upon getting the card. Every time you use the card, some points add up, and when you reach a thousand points, you get ten dollars’ worth of coupons for your purchases, giving you around a 5% discount.

Use them in both stores or online; it is up to you! You also receive invitations to exclusive events and get notifications every time new releases come and inventory updates. These little perks can be very helpful in getting your hands on precious merchandise before everyone else.


The APR for your purchases with the TJX credit card can fall around 26.99%, and that is rather high. Therefore, if you wish to carry this card, the best way is to never carry a balance for long as it will cost you a lot and defeat the purpose of the rewards. You could even end up paying extra for the products than their actual costs, which is not the smartest spending approach.


A good consumer practice is to understand everything about the store credit cards before choosing them, so you do not get any surprises later.