Wonders of Autoslash – A Review

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

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Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for traveling. However, hunting for much-needed discounts and bargain prices tends to be frustrating and time-consuming. You end up taking that barely good enough rental deal to prevent the misery of browsing around more.

This is where Autoslash steps in and saves the day. It has made finding rental cars easier than ever as it saves you from the drudgery of finding a good deal. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Autoslash – At a Glance

Autoslash is a website that will take over doing the tough job of discovering the best price on rental autos by giving you deals from multiple rental agencies. It can also keep tracking your prevailing reservation for further price drops. This means that if better deals pop up, you can cancel, rebook, and save some money. You only need to fill out the price tracking form after your reservation.

All this sounds grand, right? But there is more. Autoslash is free for usage, and you never have to pay the entire price for your rentals. It has been around for years, but many remain unaware of it. It is a valuable tool for getting the cheapest rentals minus the hassle of spending hours searching online.

How AutoSlash Works

Searching for rentals with Autoslash works a tad differently than third-party booking sites in general. Rather than entering your traveling dates then seeing a list of possibilities instantly, Autoslash works by getting a quote request from you.

When you get on the site, you choose “Get a quote for a car rental,” and it takes you to a form that you must fill. Your details will include:

  • Airport/destination
  • Traveling dates
  • What kind of car do you want? Full size, economy, intermediate, etc. There is even the least expensive option for the non-picky ones.
  • Credit cards and memberships you hold like frequent flyers, Visa Infinite, clubs, AmEx, AAARP, and AAA. These can get you discount options.

With these down, you will need to give your name, email, and then your quote arrives in your inbox after a little while.

Payment Styles

Now you get a list of the multiple rental agencies offering what you are seeking. Many of these will allow paying later option (however, this can get pricy later), and you can cancel without worrying about the penalty fees.

Another cheaper option is paying when you are booking. Many people choose to pay now, and it is noteworthy that AutoSlash gives around 48 hours for cancellation without fees before commencing the rental. Otherwise, you will be charged a day for canceling.

Common Questions:

1. Is using a credit card a must, or can I use a cash or debit card?

The credit card policy varies for all rental agencies. If you carry no major credit card, then you need to review the rental agency’s policy while booking with them, or you could call the rental office for further assistance. Many agencies will let you rent if you carry a MasterCard or Visa debit card. However, rental companies can view those with only debit cards as risky.

2. How about options like a GPS navigation system or a child car seat with my rental?

The price of such options is not contained in Autoslash’s quotes. Such costs add up when you are on the rental counter beside taxes. Sometimes these options can be negotiable, or some could throw these in for free if you ask politely. Just ask the rental agent.


Autoslash is the ultimate tool a traveler should have in their arsenal. It becomes a no-brainer for getting rental quotes, as it is famous for returning the cheaper rates.