5 Quick Ways to Earn Money From Home Without Getting a Job

Last Updated on June 1, 2021

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Want to earn some money without leaving home? Check out these five easy ways to bring in some cash while sitting on your couch.

Sell Your Clothes

Say goodbye to your overflowing closet and hello to money in your hand! With websites like Poshmark, Thredup and Facebook Marketplace, selling clothes online is an easy way to get some money in your pocket. Just upload photos of your garment and wait for an offer to come in. Want more information on selling clothes online? Check out our article, “How to Sell Used Clothes Online Without Fees or Hassles.”

Invest in the Stock Market

Remember when hundreds of people made money from investing in Gamestop stock on Robinhood? That could be you! Sites like Robinhood, E*Trade and Ally Invest make trading and earning money on the stock market easy! Soon you’ll be a stock pro without leaving the comfort of your home.

Write Reviews and Get Paid

Anyone can write a review. Whether it be for that gadget you just bought on Amazon or that new TV show that you just watched sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars will pay you to write reviews and take surveys about the products you use every day. All it takes is a couple minutes and soon the money will be coming in!

Sell Your Old College Notes

Do you have piles of notes from all those college classes that you’ll never look back at? Get rid of that clutter and sell your notes to Oxbridge Notes. This website will buy your old class notes and give you cold hard cash. All those hours spent in class don’t seem so bad anymore!

Turn that Hobby into a Side Hustle

Do you like to draw, paint or knit? Maybe you like to design your own T-shirts or make pottery. Whatever your hobby, you can turn that into a small business! Etsy allows people to make a online shop and sell their crafts. Shopping small businesses is trending, why shouldn’t you reap the rewards?

Today making extra money is easy. All you need is your phone and some time on your hands!