Sell Used Clothes Online Without Fees Or Hassles! Here’s How …

Last Updated on May 24, 2021

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Selling used clothes online seems like a major hassle. Why not donate? Or just give to friends?
STOP. There’s a major opportunity here to make some extra cash. And it’s way easier than you think. Check out these amazing apps and websites …

1. Poshmark

You may have heard of Poshmark already, and for good reason! The app has earned a fantastic reputation for allowing sellers to create discounts and negotiate payments with buyers while also giving sellers full control of their items. Sell your clothes and accessories on with no hassles. You’ll have complete control of the photos and pricing throughout the entire process.

2. ThredUP

ThredUp welcomes thrifters with the message “Giving Secondhand a Second Look.” It’s the perfect website for vintage clothes and fun finds, and the best part is that they do all the work! Send your clothing to and they will take professional photos, set the best price, and provide the seller with a percentage of the profit.

3. The RealReal

Similar to ThredUp, does all of the legwork for those looking to sell their clothing. If you are looking to sell designer or luxury clothing pieces for a fair price, this is the place to go. Not only will The RealReal sell your clothing, but they will also have a team of experts photograph, price, and market your piece before sending you a percentage of the sale through direct deposit. In addition to clothing, The RealReal accepts art, furniture, and more. Check out their full list to see if you have any items to send with your clothes!

4. Tradesy

While Tradesy sells designer clothing like The RealReal, they also offer a bridal section. If you’re looking to get rid of your wedding dress from a past marriage or just to cash in on the gown, is the place to go. They offer price suggestions and a free shipping kit to give you the best possible experience. On top of that, sellers earn more than 80 percent on each sold item. Earn your money through direct deposit, Paypal, debit cards, or keep the credit on Tradesy for your own purchases.

5. Etsy

Did you know that isn’t just for crafts and handmade jewelry? Over a million people sell their clothing on Etsy for whatever price they’d like, and you can too! Unlike other online vendors, Etsy only takes a small percentage from your sales and requires a $0.20 listing fee. Sellers have complete control when marketing, pricing, and choosing their buyers. Of course, Etsy does provide support to any seller that needs it.

6. Vinted

Perhaps the most affordable and accessible online thrift shop of them all, Vinted values sellers just as much as they do buyers. Prices range from $1 all the way to whatever price a seller chooses. All styles of clothing are welcome– designer, handmade, and everything else in between. provides step-by-step support on how to sell your clothing on their website and allows you to make every creative and logistical decision. Whether you are looking to sell sweaters, pants, or even children’s clothing, Vinted is the place for you.