Will Nintendo Unveil the Nintendo Switch Pro During E3 Showcase? Why Nintendo Direct Could Have Some Huge Surprises (UPDATE)

Last Updated on June 14, 2021

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Fans have anxiously awaited the Nintendo Switch Pro since a series of leaks sparked a wildfire of rumors, leading many fans to believe that an upgraded Switch console is inbound. Though Nintendo has not confirmed a release date or even the console’s existence, fans are crossing their fingers, hoping the company will unveil the Nintendo Switch Pro at its E3 2021 showcase.

E3 2021 started Saturday, June 12, and gamers have gotten a barrage of fresh announcements, game reveals, and epic trailers. Microsoft’s Sunday showcase brought to light over a dozen titles, and now fans look forward to Nintendo Direct, scheduled to take place via livestream on June 15. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any major announcements about its showcase, and fans wonder whether it will finally unveil its next console.

The Nintendo Switch first released back in 2017 to huge commercial and critical success. Two years later, Nintendo built a second generation of the console, with a strict focus on accessibility and mobility. The Nintendo Switch Lite launched on September 20, 2019, two years after the initial console’s release.

Now fans have done the math and believe Nintendo will launch its third generation of the Nintendo Switch, in the form of the Nintendo Switch Pro, an advanced and higher-quality version of the Switch, with new features and enhanced graphical capabilities. Rumors claim the console will run at 1440p in docked mode, while others say that the Nintendo Switch Pro will get a stunning 4K resolution.

Will Nintendo Unveil The Nintendo Switch Pro During E3 Showcase? Nintendo Direct Could Have Some Huge Surprises.
Will Nintendo Unveil The Nintendo Switch Pro During E3 Showcase? Nintendo Direct Could Have Some Huge Surprises. Photo Credit: Niphon Subsri / Shutterstock.com

There has been no confirmation from Nintendo regarding the potential new console, but fans are adamant about its existence. One alleged leak revealed that the console’s GPU will be clocked at almost 1 GHz in docked mode, but will slow down to 768 MHz when the console is handheld. The expected improvements would bring the Nintendo Switch Pro up to the next-gen standards of the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5, as both systems boast 4K resolution and powerful GPUs.

The rumors also claim that the Nintendo Switch Pro will run at 120FPS in both docked and handheld modes, which would be a stunning improvement from both the Nintendo Switch and the lite version. Those upgrades will likely come at a price, though, and one accidental Nintendo Switch Pro listing from retailer Boulanger priced the console at €398.90 (or $486.53).

Though the price isn’t confirmed, if the leaked listing is true, the Nintendo Switch Pro would come with a near $200 price increase from the current price of the original model. For some, the added boost to performance wouldn’t be worth the hiked price, especially if they already own a Nintendo Switch console.

Like both Xbox and PlayStation, it’s likely that Nintendo will release next-gen exclusive titles, so it may be mandatory for true fans to purchase the Pro at some point to ensure access to the wide variety of Nintendo games. However, both Microsoft and Sony have been releasing most games on both the next-gen and current-gen consoles simultaneously, which could mean Nintendo will follow suit, bringing titles to both the Nintendo Switch and the Pro version, so gamers may not need to upgrade so soon.

Until tomorrow’s Nintendo showcase at E3, the Nintendo Switch Pro is strictly speculation. It’s possible that the gaming company will skip any huge console announcements this year, and stick with game reveals such as a possible sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

To watch Nintendo’s E3 showcase, fans will need to E3’s livestream via YouTube or Twitch, tuning in at 9 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. EST, or 5 p.m. PST. The Nintendo Direct will have some bombshell news for sure, but whether the Nintendo Switch Pro will make an appearance is anyone’s guess.