Moving Is Expensive! 7 Easy Ways to Cut Costs and Save Money in 2021

Last Updated on June 1, 2021

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Moving can be extremely expensive. Hiring a moving company is costly, especially if you have tons of big furniture. But there are ways to cut costs. Here’s how …

Tip 1 – Rent a Truck 

Rent a U-Haul or other moving truck. Hiring a moving company means big bucks, especially since you’re paying an hourly rate. To avoid paying movers, rent the truck yourself and bring it to your new place.

Tip 2 – Enlist Friends and Family

Moving can also be exhausting. But don’t hire someone to unpack, enlist your friends and family! Make this a DIY move. Feel bad about asking them to help? Offer beer, cocktails, dinner and great music. Take lots of photos and make a photo book. You’ll never forget the experience, and neither will they.

Tip 3 – Be Flexible About Dates and Months

It’s cheaper to move during the late fall or winter, but if you’re planning your next big move this summer, try to avoid the first and last few days of the month. It’s best to avoid holidays and weekends to avoid paying premium pricing.

Tip 4 – Purge Your Things

If hiring movers is a must then plan, plan, plan. The best thing you can do is purge your things.

Moving companies charge by the pound, and while it may be hard to let go of that chest or lamp, it’ll be cheaper if you let it go. If you know you’re moving, hold a yard or garage sale a few weeks in advance. Use the money you earn to buy things for your new apartment or house!

Tip 5 – Find Free Boxes

If you can get free boxes, bags, anything to help you back, then get them! Don’t pay for moving and packing supplies. The only thing you should be paying for is packing tape.

If you have old shoes boxes lying around, use those for smaller items. If you have bigger boxes from online orders, keep them and use those to pack up for your next move. Ask your friends and family if they have extra boxes lying around that they aren’t planning on using.

Tip 6 – Leave Items in Dresser Drawers

To save on boxes and other moving supplies, keep things in your dressers. Press and seal your dresser and tape it for some extra security. You can do the same with purses and other overnight bags and suitcases. Save on bags and boxes by using items you already have in your home as storage!

Tip 7 – Plan and Prep for the Unknown

Packing last minute will only stress you out. And in that moment of stress, you will go out and buy boxes, plastic bins and bags that you never would have purchased if you had a few weeks to prepare.

Prepare and plan, and try not to get too stressed out. When in doubt, put on some great music and open a bottle of wine!