Reselling – Everything You Should Know for Making Extra on the Side

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

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Reselling – Everything You Should Know for Making Extra on the SideWho doesn’t love a side hustle? They provide you the chance to earn some more and save up for buying whatever your heart desires. The reselling market has seen a great evolution. We are talking about limited editions, pricy brand bags, unique items, etc. The range is endless because people have all kinds of preferences. Here, you will find reselling guidance and what products are the best options.

The World of Reselling

You buy something and sell it again; it sounds simple, right? But this reselling business can earn you some serious cash. If you purchase something of value, it is still in great condition, and you have had your fill, then why not resell it? There are so many online platforms for reselling goods. If you have something particularly precious, you can even auction it, and it goes to the highest bidder.

Reselling – How to do it Right

However, everything boils down to how you resell. To succeed, you need to have the smarts and understand what items can be most sought after and earn you most.

  • First, decide what you will sell, what items you want to deal with particularly.
  • Hunt down the best shops and thrift stores and begin your search.
  • Find the best website for your reselling endeavors and according to your product pick.
  • Poshmark is for reselling branded clothing, Whistle for electronics, and eBay for limited edition items and their bidding.

Best Reselling Items that Bring Profit

1. LEGO Collection

You would be surprised to know how beloved and popular LEGOS are, especially the limited edition ones. If you are passionate about them and have your collection, then it is time to make a profit. Grab some mini-figures and go!

2. Fancy Shoes

Have any fancy old kicks from the 90s collection? Many Jordan devotees would love to have those old styles that are not made anymore. That would be true vintage for the ultimate Michael Jordan fans.

3. Vintage Gadgets

Browse thrift stores and yard sales for some archaic electronics no one likes anymore, and in that, you could find some vintage Walkmans, record players, or certain Polaroid or film cameras. These items sell for a lot, as the vintage aesthetic never goes out of style.

4. Gaming

You have the opportunity to make massive profits on consoles and video games. However, understand what will sell and choose wisely. Vintage consoles or games from the 70s-90s are a big hit among gamers. Grab NES, Atari, or Super Nintendo items. Drop Xbox or Wii, for they are too new to be exciting.

5. Forgotten Designed Gold

Here is an option that can take some work but bring you some heavy dough. Much clothing going to the thrift store is generally either ugly or outdated. Among these are hidden designer gems, so you can think of them like a treasure hunt. You must dive deep to find those little pots of gold. Look out for vintage pieces, designer labels, and specialty articles like premium jeans, maternity clothing, etc.

6. Bags

The passion for bags never wanes, so if you have some collectibles, grab those and go. Many people only buy Hermes’ Birkin as an investment. Those beauties are extremely limited and very expensive, and in time, their prices rise, even more, giving you amazing profit.


If you do it right, reselling just might work out for you! It is all about what items you choose and how smartly you deal with them. Hopefully, the information above gives you all the knowledge you need to proceed with your reselling venture.