For College Students Making Money Comes In Many Forms … Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

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College students who want to make money have a million options. And if you don’t feel pressed to bring in extra cash there are other great ways to spend your time in the warmer months. Here are some ideas to get you started.




Though many summer internships are already filled, plenty of places are just now looking to hire college students due to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. As the economy opens up, this may be the perfect time to start applying for internships that can give you a leg up when you finally enter the workforce.


Startups are a great place to look for internships. Though they may not pay well, you get to wear many hats, which will teach you invaluable lessons. These positions are always available on Indeed or LinkedIn. And if there’s one company, in particular, you love … send them an email! Startups are known for mentoring students and recent grads. They may just say yes!


Remote positions are making it easier for interns to get work. You’re not just limited to your town or city. Widen your search across the country or even worldwide. If you’ve got a second language under your belt, use it.




Though you probably do enough of this at school, learning is a great way to keep your mind fresh and open you up to new opportunities when college rolls back around.


You’re going to need a job eventually and career skills are invaluable, especially if you can prove them.


Take online courses in either soft or hard skills to prepare yourself for the difficult journey of finding a job after graduation. You can even earn certifications for your new skills upon completing the course.


Udemy is a great tool for learning from seasoned experts across a wide variety of topics. You can learn a skill on your own time, on-demand, wherever you are.


Colleges and companies often offer promotional programs in various skills through Coursera. The videos can be streamed anywhere and some courses can even be used towards your degree (depending on your college or university).


Complete a Project


Summer can be the best time to build something that will make your portfolio shine. Whether you’re an artist or a computer programmer, use your newfound freedom to build something you can be proud of. The experience can go a long way and impress your future employer.


Apply for grants to fund your project. Grants for college students are everywhere, especially if your project is unique. 


Collaborate with friends. Summertime is filled with plenty of bored college students. Join forces and use their alternative skills to build something bigger and better.


Document your progression on social media. Build a following while you finish your craft.


Freelance or Volunteer (Or Both)


Freelancing in a field you’re studying in school can be an excellent way to build experience and make some money at the same time. Whether it’s freelance writing, teaching an online class, or any other professional service you can offer, freelancing is a commitment-free way to earn cash over the summer. Though you will have to complete the project, you won’t have to commit to a time-consuming schedule.


Volunteering can be an easier way to find opportunities, especially as the economy continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. With places in dire need of extra hands, volunteering provides valuable networking and work experience, and it makes you feel good to help those in need. It also gets you out of the house!


Get Creative


You can make money and experiment with cool summer jobs while you wait for the fall semester to arrive. Party planning, dog sitting, tutoring, or any number of other side gigs can be the perfect way to spend your summer break. Oftentimes these jobs are calm, cool, and can bring cash fast.


Apply For Scholarships


Paying for college can be extremely difficult. Instead of relying on high-interest loans or family funding, consider using your summer to apply for scholarships and grants. There are plenty of funds for students, whether entering college for the first time or halfway through your degree. Even if you only get a percentage it’s a great place to start.