Can You Make Money With Car Wrap Advertising? Avoid Scams and Make Quick Cash … Here’s How

Last Updated on June 18, 2021

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Car wrap advertising could be one of the easiest ways to make money while driving, especially for ride-share drivers. The issue is: it’s also one of the easiest ways to be used, abused, and scammed out of precious money. Knowing how to spot what’s legit and what’s not is key to getting into the business. And right now that business is booming.

What Is Car Wrap Advertising?

Companies, both local and international, use advertising to get clients, customers, and increase brand reach. Car wraps have become another popular method for brands to interact with customers, by expanding their reach. Buses and trains are some of the most common mediums for transportation advertising, but car wraps are the new players in the game, and it’s starting to score a lot of points.

A 2019 Nielson study showed that wrapped vehicles, compared to digital billboards, taxi cab ads, and public bus ads were most likely to be remembered by participants. Since then car wrap advertising has become incredibly popular, so, why don’t you take a slice of that pie?

Car Wrap Advertising Can Be Profitable

With the right company, wrapping your car could bring in hundreds of dollars a month. For ride-sharers, this could be a double whammy, especially if you’re getting more than 50 miles on the road each day. Though it won’t be enough to retire, an extra hundred bucks a week could beef up your bank account. So what’s there to lose?

Scams! You Have Been Warned …

Just like those midday calls from an unknown number, there are plenty of fake car wrap companies looking to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Some get free advertising from you without sharing a dime, while others find ways to trick you into making unnecessary purchases or sending money back to them. Does this mean that all car wrap advertising is a scam? Absolutely not. There are plenty of good companies out there willing to pay. You just need to be careful when trying to find them.

The Better Business Bureau has identified common scams used by car wrap agencies. Here are some ways to protect yourself when you start looking for car wrap companies:

  • Any company that messages you out of the blue to wrap your car probably isn’t legit. Reputable companies get enough applicants.
  • If the company requires you to pay them to get the ball rolling, you’re going to want to say goodbye. Most legit companies pay you, fronting the cost of the car wrap advertisement when you get started.
  • One popular scam happens during payment, in which the company will send a fraudulent check, giving you more than you’re owed. They’ll then ask for you to send the excess funds back, and a few days later, the check bounces, and the money is wiped from your account.

The promise of high rewards (like scams that offer hundreds of dollars a week) is not worth it if that money is going down the drain anyway. The big companies pay well, but not a king’s ransom either. So be wary of the “too good to be true” scams. They’re everywhere.

The Ones You Can Trust

Car wrap advertising companies are popping up everyone. Some are local or specific to your area. In those cases, check online reviews and ask around before signing up. If you just want to stay with the big, reputable companies, here’s a comprehensive list of four top car wrap advertising companies that pay well and are reliable.

Car wrap advertising can be an easy way to earn some extra money. Some companies offer up to $450 a month!
Car wrap advertising can be an easy way to earn some extra money. Some companies offer up to $450 a month! Photo Credit:


Carvertise is a U.S.-based car wrap advertising company that brings brands to the road. Founded in 2012, the company is both reputable and expansive, with networks and campaigns in both big cities and smaller markets. Companies use them, and in turn, they hire drivers like you.

Drivers who choose to advertise with Carvertise can do a partial or full wrap of their car, and get paid from $100-300 to drive their car. Primarily aimed at ride-share drivers or heavy-commuters, Carvertise is the safest option for those interesting in earning some extra cash while driving.

You must: Be 18 years or older, own a 2008 vehicle or new, and drive at least 30 miles a day.

Pro: You get to pick the brand you advertise for from a list of campaigns they offer in your area. This could be a win-win as favored brands could look really cool on your new ride.


For those who want a longer-term campaign, Nickelytics offers three-to-nine-month campaigns that require you to drive at least 30 miles a day. For rideshare drivers, the company will track your mileage through the app, which makes it easier to cash in on your road work.

This company offers a larger variety of wraps, from back windshield, light, or full wrap options. With the right combination of wrap and mileage, you can make up to $250 a month.

You must: Be 18 years or older, own a 2010 vehicle or newer, and a majority of your miles must be logged within the company’s designated cities.

Pro: Back windshield advertisements are small and won’t tamper with your car’s cosmetic appeal.


Wrapify is a simple option for drivers and it works through an app on both iOS and Android. For those selected, there are four advertising options to choose from: light, partial, full, or “Static” topper, which is similar to taxicab advertising.

The rate of pay for this company ranges from $175 to $450 a month, which could mean a lot of money in your bank account just for driving. The requirements are particularly strict, however.

You must: Be 21 years or older. Own a 2010 vehicle or newer. Drive at least 50 miles per day.

Pro: High potential payments.


StickerRide is an international option for drivers in both Europe and the United States. The car wrap advertising company connects drivers with a wide range of advertising choices. Once approved, the driver will be required to go to a designated StickerRide location, where a representative will wash the car and properly apply the sticker.

For each drive, the driver will need to activate the app, which tracks the mileage and calculate the total points earned, which tallies the monthly payment. StickerRide offers many campaign options, as well as an opportunity for drivers to earn more money by completing “flashmobs” or “quests” which require the driver to perform a task. When doing so the driver earns more money.

StickerRide doesn’t have its own set of requirements. Instead, each campaign is different, which could mean you meet the criteria for one and not the other.

Pro: Many opportunities to earn more money.