Scary! Healthcare Costs Keep Going Up, 8 Ways To Save NOW

Last Updated on June 1, 2021

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The cost of healthcare is getting scary, but it’s one of our basic necessities. Here are eight ways to limit your out-of-pocket medical costs and regain control over your family’s medical bills.

Bargain Shop for a Healthcare Plan:

The first way to tackle your medical bills is by starting at the source. Don’t just choose one with the lowest premium. Your health needs change every year, and so do medical benefits. Figure out how often you and your family visit the doctor, how much medicine and prescriptions cost and how often they’re needed.

Pro tip: If you don’t go to the doctor often you may want to consider a high-deductible healthcare plan, or an HD plan. 

Maximize Your Coverage

Look for special services like programs for people with pre-existing conditions. Before calling the doctor or walking into your local pharmacy, give your healthcare provider a call. See what the healthcare provider will offer. You’ll be suprised!

Actually Use Your Benefits

We may choose plans based on the worst case scenario, but then we don’t actually use the benefits that the plan provides. Get your routine exams, screenings and tests done. Getting these screenings done can help catch any possible health issues early. These are your preventative care benefits.

Get prenatal care if you’re pregnant. Use the free and discounted services that are provided through your plan. Some even offer discounts on gym memberships, glasses and contacts!

Ask for Generic Drugs and Medicines

Name brand medicines cost a fortune, but your prescriptions don’t have to. Generic brands will have the same active ingredient, and that’s what matters. Ask your doctor if there is a generic brand for the medicine you are being prescribed.

Choose the Right Care for the Right Time

It’s important to know when to see your doctor and when to go to the hospital. You don’t always need a hospital or a doctor. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. Blue Cross provides great tips on how to choose when a situation arises.

Stay Away From The ER and Hospital

If you can avoid it, steer clear of the ER or hospitals in general. If it’s an emergency do not hesitate to go. But if it is not an urgent matter – and you can see your doctor – try to schedule an appointment with your physician instead.

Stay in Your Provider’s Network

If you visit a provider outside of your network, then your insurance plan may not cover the costs. In that case, you will be paying more out of pocket for medical care. Go on your insurer’s website and look for providers in the network.

Look for Samples and Coupons:

Those cabinets in your doctor’s office aren’t just filled with gloves and swabs, they’re filled with free samples. If you’re being put on a new medication, or you need a pain reliever, ask your healthcare provider for a sample dose. If you know you will be starting a new medication soon, check the drug company’s website for coupons or even free samples.

The best way to save money is to take preventative measures. Go to the gym. Eat healthy. And make sure you go for your annual checkup!