2021 Summer Travel Made Easy! 5 Tips and Tricks For Cutting Costs

Last Updated on June 1, 2021

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Summer travel can be super-expensive, especially with a family. Paying for five or more plane tickets can send shivers down any spine. And in 2021 there are countless worries about Covid-19. Even if parents are fully vaccinated, it’s likely their children have not been. And the thought of having to wear masks on a four-hour flight isn’t exactly appealing.

So how do you stay safe and save money? Here’s are five tips for cutting costs and keeping the money in your pockets.

Drive Instead of Flying

The average cost of flying has gone up for domestic round-trip flights, according to CheapAir.com. That average price tag? $377 per person! While we know gas prices are surging, picking a locale within driving distance will save you airfare, baggage fees and a taxi ride to your resort or hotel.

Pro tip: Fly on Tuesdays, Last summer, the cheapest day to fly on was a Tuesday. We know it seems funny, but it’s true. Just check out this analysis on CheapAir.com. Weekday flights usually are less expensive and therefore more cost effective for you and your vacay. If you’re willing to be flexible, then avoid those weekend flights.

Find a Deal Using Groupon

Sites and companies like Groupon offer many travel deals and bundles to help you plan your next getaway. It can be a whole lot cheaper than doing all of the booking and planning on your own. Some of these packages include flights and airfare, and some (if not most) are all-inclusive!

Stay With Family or Friends

If you have friends or family who are willing to have you over for a visit, try to plan your trip around seeing them. It’s a bonus if they live near a big tourist area or a city or beach you’ve been wanting to get away to, then see if you can stay with them for a couple of days. You can save on room and board if your loved ones don’t mind a little bit of company.

Share a Rental with Family and Friends

If your family or friends are looking to go on a road trip together, plan on splitting an Airbnb. You’ll save a lot more money by getting a bigger space and splitting the bill.

Pro tip: Save even more money by getting a rental with a full kitchen!

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Between cleaning fees, baggage fees, and Wi-F0i, hidden fees can sneak up on you. Do your research on whatever website you will be booking your flights and hotels with. Don’t be afraid to give a call and ask about additional fees when booking and traveling.

Pro tip: Because of these, always look for free extras, like Wi-Fi, breakfast and other amenities.

Now go enjoy!